Royal Shades of Purusham

Regal Radiance

Inspired by the Magic of a Finer Era

Regal Crest

Inspired by the beauty of the cosmos

Statement-Making Styles by Purusham


Regal Radiance

Since time immemorial, the sun has been revered for being the powerful and fiery force that it is. And while its golden shimmer inspired poetry and literature, its powerful nature inspired rulers. It showed them how power is not about the glory that comes with it. It is about burning with such passion that you light up the whole world.

Purusham’s Regal Radiance collection celebrates the mighty spirit of the sun and the Modern Maharajas who resemble this spirit. Through its ethereal and enchanting designs, the collection bestows upon the wearer the sun’s eternal glow and charm.

Regal Crest

Some nights, when the rest of the world had descended into a deep sleep, he stayed up, gazing at the sky. The moon and the stars that had now taken over the sky left him enthralled. For him, they seemed like a window into the vastness of the cosmos- a realm of infinite possibilities and eternal beauty. A realm, where he someday hoped to reach. 

Years later, on his grand night, a special someone arrived to meet him. And as it entered, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was his beloved Cosmos! But it had arrived in a rather unusual form - an enchanting Regal Crest outfit. Something that he would forever hold dear to his heart.


With a charismatic persona and a penchant for style, he was the quintessential handsome man. Donned in a ravishing attire, he was all set to own the opulent celebration with his elegance and modern masculinity. And when his girl lay her eyes on him, she instantly knew that he was everything she had been waiting for. Her prince charming had arrived!

Miraan is a spell that turns a man into a dashing prince. And turns ordinary lives into fairy tales with its dreamy collection.


In Hampi, a heavenly place in southern India, a slice of the country’s rich past lives through its magnificent ruins. It was once the capital of the mighty and rich Vijayanagar empire, the greatest Hindu empire in the medieval period. Even today, the splendour of this great regime can be felt through its arresting architecture.

Purusham’s Hampi collection is inspired by this fantastical city. Like Hampi, it too brings the past to life by reviving traditional Indian craftsmanship and ancient weaving techniques. And excites your imagination, just the way the city does!



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